University Of Chichester

Competitive advantage through technology

Providing a range of flexible learning spaces allows teaching staff to match the needs of students whilst supporting their own unique teaching styles. A new academic building at the University of Chichester benefits from a range of NEC large format displays and laser projection.

San Bassiano Hospital

Collaboration through Telemedicine

Digital Health is the future of healthcare. Topics such as Telemedicine, Telehealth, virtual consultation, healthcare kiosks, remote patient monitoring and mobile applications will play a fundamental role in the future of healthcare treatments. San Bassiano Hospital embarked on an innovative project to create a Competence Centre which will bring the latest digital healthcare developments to the Bassiano del Grappa region.


Data driven audience delivery

Digital out of Home is entering a new era with embedded intelligence enabling brands to deliver highly targeted messages with accurate insights into audiences exposed to each campaign. Poised to transmit the right message in the right place at the right time, Orb has partnered with NEC to deliver an all-in-one DooH solution.

Showcase Cinemas

Creative signage changes the face of cinema

Cinema is no longer all about the movie; the visual experience is moving beyond the auditorium to stimulate and entertain cinema-goers in all areas of the venue. NEC digital screens transform the cinematic experience at Showcase Cinemas.

Schiphol Airport

High bright outdoor passenger information

Delivering an enhanced passenger experience goes way beyond the terminal building encompassing the entire journey to and from the airport. Visitors traveling through Schiphol Airport via bus are benefiting from real-time timetable information easily readable even in sunlit locations to ease their onward journey.

Palacio de Congresos de Valencia

Competitive advantage through technology

NEC Display Solutions has contributed to the technological transformation of the Valencia Conference Centre, equipping it with laser projection systems in a total of two auditoriums and nine meeting rooms.

IstanbulOnkoloji Hospital

Oncology MDT enhanced with display technology

Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) sessions are crucial in oncology treatments facilitating collaboration amongst different specialties in achieving the best possible patient outcomes. The use of the latest technology in large format displays to support common discussion in radiology enhances the effectiveness of any MDT session across different specialties. IstanbulOnkoloji hospital has adopted the NEC 65” Ultra High Definition Large Format Display combined with the 8 megapixel Diagnostic Display MD Series to equip their MDT Boardroom.

University of Hertfordshire

AV tech facilities scientific research

Investing in homegrown academic talent whilst widening international reputation is all the more crucial in todays’ post Brexit Britain. The University of Hertfordshire’s ambitions to raise its profile have resulted in a magnificent new science building with cutting-edge technology including a range of NEC displays and projection solutions to support mainly undergraduate scientific research.

Blank Hotel “White in the City” by Caberlon Caroppi

Multimedia installation brings a sensory experience

“White in The City “ is the title of a visionary project which, during Milan Design Week (3rd-9th April, 2017) brought together some of the leading international artists with a set of installations shown in four of the most beautiful architectural jewels of Milan in the district of Brera. Within this project was the multimedia installation “Blank Hotel”, at the historic Cusani Palace, organised by 3P Technologies, partner of NEC Display Solutions.

City, University of London

A bright welcome in a dazzling, modern environment

Glass is the perfect material with which to create a state of the art infrastructure which oozes innovation and a leading edge outlook. Whilst bright sunlight is energising and motivating, it does pose some challenges for digital visualisation. City, University of London uses NEC High Bright signage and laser projection to deliver perfect readability whilst enjoying an uplifting environment steeped in natural light.

Delhaize Supermarkets

Visual technology supports branding renewal

As we go about our daily lives we are increasingly reliant on technology to provide instant information to help us to make better, more informed choices. Delhaize demonstrates the high value it places on its customers and staff by delivering a shopping experience enhanced by NEC visual display technology.

Rathbone Investment Management

AV technology; an enabler for effective internal comms

Keeping employees well informed and engaged is at the very heart of business success at investment management firm Rathbones; its recent rapid growth is testament to this. The forward looking company employs the latest in AV technology integrated seamlessly into stylish surroundings. Designed to impress, motivate and communicate with its visitors and staff, Rathbones knows exactly where its investment counts.

Harry Ramsden’s World Famous Fish & Chips

Video wall technology for the next generation

Seeking to maintain its traditional values but to attract a new generation of customer, the UK’s famous fish & chip restaurant chain moves into the iconic landmark Blackpool Tower but injects a modern twist. NEC video wall technology is used to offer social media interactions to present the new face of Harry Ramsden’s.

University of Bath

Reaping the benefits of laser

Laser technology delivers consistent, long lasting performance projecting a bright high quality image viewable even in high ambient light conditions. The University of Bath have installed NEC laser projection across a large part of its general teaching areas; to standardise its quality offering to staff and students and reap the benefits of compelling TCO credentials.

Saint-Emilion Tourist Information Centre

Presenting stunning imagery to entice and inspire

In visiting a new area or returning to discover more, holiday makers are anxious to maximise their valuable vacation time. Providing inspirational images and easily accessible information, visionary tourist centres like Saint-Emilion employ the latest visual displays to attract tourists and keep them returning for more.

Lecco Regional Social and Health Care Trust

Remote system management of Medical Display quality control procedures

The Lecco ASST has been equipped with a new PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System) in cloud mode which makes it possible to manage the work flows and the imaging of the Imaging Department (radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy), the Cardiology Department and Digestive Endoscopy, of the various hospitals. The display system with diagnostic monitors is an integral part of the Sectra PACS system implemented at the Lecco ASST.

QEII Conference Centre

AV tech leads a regeneration for the future

Following an intensive refurbishment and rebranding programme, the central London conference and events venue has risen like a phoenix from its dated 80s shroud to present a modern, highly functional space benefiting from next generation technology, resulting in its highest ever occupancy levels.

SAP Arena

Digital displays create a VIP welcome

The SAP Arena with up to 15,000 seats is not only Baden-Württemberg‘s largest multifunctional hall, it is also one of the most modern sports and event halls in Europe. In addition to ice hockey and handball games by the local teams, many other sporting events such as basketball and wrestling, concerts and TV events are held in the arena. On average, the 403,000 square metres are used for more than 100 events per year.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Facilitating effective medical collaboration

The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Meeting facility is crucial to assemble healthcare practitioners to collaborate with full access to consistently high standard PACS images, viewable by large numbers of people, both in one room and via remote conferencing. Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has deployed NEC large format displays and projection in their MDT and Pathology meeting rooms as well as their Executive Boardroom.


Visual stimulus facilitates the travel agency of the future

When planning a much anticipated vacation, potential travellers are seeking inspiration and easy access to a wide range of options and offers. Well known travel company TUI is rolling out a new store concept using NEC video walls and touch screens which will enhance the traveller experience.


Robust, future proof and aesthetic digital menu boards

Where swift through-put and efficient customer service is business critical, in the QSR sector, successful in-store digital communications offers compelling rewards including cost savings and significant sales uplift. Greggs installs NEC professional-grade digital menu boards across its nationwide network of shops to instantly update pricing and special offers.

Dr Neuscheler & Kollegen – dental practice

A quantum leap in a paperless practice

The dental practice of Dr Neuscheler & Kollegen focuses upon modern dentistry and makes sure that it is always technologically up-to-date by continuously investing in this area. Accordingly, the dental health and aesthetics of patients are always kept at the forefront due to the adoption of careful techniques and procedures.

Clas Ohlson

Context-aware Retail Signage: Clas Ohlson Conceptual Pilot Installation

In the Clas Ohlson flagship store located in the recently opened Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm, NEC teamed up with SMS/Smart Media Solutions, and Smartsign to create a new digitalized display solution that interacts with customers and shows commercial messages.

British College of Gavà

Strengthening the use of technology in Education

NEC Display Solutions and AV&Data have facilitated the digitisation of the British College of Gavà, developing a project which has enabled the digitalisation of classrooms and common areas with digital blackboards and projectors with COMM control.