How is our relationship with information technology changing?

Now more than ever, display technology has become a vital enabler to remote collaboration.

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‘Fit for purpose.’ What does it mean to NEC?

The term ‘fit for purpose’ at first glance may not seem overly inspiring! It’s used to describe how an object is capable of performing the task it was designed to fulfil.

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Wiadomości o produktach

Download your free NEC Pro Bundle of new FlatFrog Board whiteboard software

FlatFrog Board is a new collaborative whiteboard that turns ordinary meetings into productive collaboration sessions.


Fineart AS

NEC LED creates a stunning visual centrepiece

Excellent visual presentation is fundamental to business at Fineart AS.


Plastic or metal? When peace of mind must be top priority

At the design stage of any product, there’s a lot to think about in terms of the materials you might use. Different materials offer different properties and it’s important to weigh up the key attributes and match them to the needs of the application.

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Wiadomości o produktach

Service Plus - a commitment to quality.

Wiadomości o produktach

Direct View LED Solutions

NEC Quality, purpose-designed for the integrator and the user


NEC Display Cleaning & Disinfection Instructions

Keeping your device free from dust and fingerprints will ensure you enjoy the best possible viewing experience, but it is vital that you follow these simple steps to avoid damaging surfaces. Under the current threat of Covid-19, our recommended guidelines describe how to safely sanitise your device to support infection control measures.

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A process of evolution: adapting the leisure experience

Quickly adapting to changing situations is vital in the leisure industry; NEC’s Jonathan Cooper looks at how museums and theatres might face their biggest challenge yet.

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CineEurope 2020

2020-06-17 - 2020-06-18

On-Line Conference & Trade Show
Take advantage of networking opportunities, seminars and roundtable discussions that will help our industry navigate through these difficult times. See a great selection of speakers, seminar topics and video content. NEC Display Solutions will be present as  On-Line Sponsor.