DM01 Q G

Kod produktu: 100014926

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Desktop Arm Mount DM01 Q G

Achieve the perfect ergonomic positioning to reduce eye, back and neck strain.

The DDM01 Q G desktop monitor mount features four attractive height adjustable articulating arms that provide optimum ergonomics for monitors up to 34" in size. Designed for easy and fast setup, the gronmet base provides limitless mounting options on any desktop countertop surface.


  • Health conscious adjustment - to help reduce eye, back and neck strain, the two monitors can be positioned to the perfect ergonomic setup.
  • Smooth and effortless display movement - the simple to adjust mounting arms allow a floating display movement for perfect adjustment according to your individual needs, whatever the weight of the monitor.
  • Tidy your desk - mount-integrated cable management ensures a clean and professional finish without a jumble of visible cables whilst freeing up valuable desk space beneath the "floating" displays.
  • Simple and universal setup - designed to serve all NEC desktop displays up to 34" in size, it takes just a few minutes to connect the monitors, fix the clamp-on mounting base to your desk and be ready to function productively.

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