P-SBOX14N1 Silencer Housing

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The NEC Silencer Housing enables the installation of the silent NC900C cinema projector directly into a cinema auditorium without needing a projection booth. Furthermore, no airduct is required for this solution.

This cost saving installation allows the cinema exhibitor to increase the number of seats in the auditorium, in place of a previously required projection booth. A big step in the future cinema experience.

Delivering Genuine Benefits

  • Easy installation into the cinema auditorium or Post Production screening room. Only one single phase power plug is required, no airduct necessary.
  • Quick removable side panels for easy projector maintenance or lamp exchange.
  • Noise level of <38dB for a silent cinema experience.
  • Additional space is available in the box for the attachment of 3D systems or routers.



1370 x 1220 x 800 mm


160 kg without projector


Built-in mechanical tilt adjustment of max. 15 degrees
Integrated projector cooling system and projector power connection

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