50″ All-in-One Mobile Huddle Solution

LCD 50" Бюджетный широкоформатный дисплей

Haze Level [%] 44
Расход электроэнергии [Вт] 65
Рабочее время 24/7
Панельная технология AMVA3
Яркость [кд/м²] 400
Разрешение 1920 x 1080
Номер заказа 40001343
24/7 Operation
Crestron RoomView
NaViSet Administrator 2

Цена по infomail _at_ nec-displays _dot_ com


Let's Huddle - for the "do it now" Meeting

When inspiration comes, nurture it instantly, sharing your idea to make itgrow. No delay or interruption, no need to book a room; huddle spacessupport immediate unimpeded exchanges for small groups of up tofive people. An intimate and quiet space welcoming local and remote participants via video-conferencing.

Let's Huddle - for the Collaboration Solution

Good teamwork knows no boundaries and good collaboration tools allow access to talent and expertise wherever it’s located. Gather your team from across the globe via the NEC MultiSync C Series screen and Soundbar with built-in wide-angle camera and high quality audio to virtually seat them amongst your huddle. Instant wireless presentation with the optional Mosaic Connect Box enables any participant to take the lead at any time.

NEC Mobile Huddle Room Solution All-in-One

  • MultiSync® C501
  • Active Collaboration Soundbar SP-ASCM
  • Trolley PD03 Tipster

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