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OPS Single Board Computer Cortex-A53 Quad Core CPU

Conveying fully-featured computing intelligence to all NEC Large Format Displays featuring the OPS slot and NEC PX and PH Series installation projectors to facilitate demanding digital signage and presentation.

Order Code: 100014295

Price 3230 kr (net) / 4038 kr (gross)
Recommended retail price (Gross price including 25 % VAT)

MultiSync® C751Q SST (ShadowSense)

LCD 75" Ultra-High Definition Large Format Touch Display

77977 kr (net) / 97472 kr (gross)

MultiSync® C861Q SST (ShadowSense)

LCD 86" Ultra-High Definition Large Format Touch Display

94825 kr (net) / 118532 kr (gross)

MultiSync® P404

LCD 40" Professional Large Format Display

17810 kr (net) / 22263 kr (gross)

MultiSync® P404 PG (Protective Glass)

LCD 40" Protective Glass Large Format Display

22670 kr (net) / 28338 kr (gross)

MultiSync® P484

LCD 48" Professional Large Format Display

23210 kr (net) / 29013 kr (gross)

MultiSync® P484 PG (Protective Glass)

LCD 48" Protective Glass Large Format Display

27206 kr (net) / 34008 kr (gross)

MultiSync® P554

LCD 55" Professional Large Format Display

32390 kr (net) / 40488 kr (gross)

MultiSync® P703 SST (ShadowSense)

LCD 70" Professional Large Format Touch Display

72004 kr (net) / 90005 kr (gross)