8MP Medical Certified Diagnostic Display

Size 32inch
Height Adjust [mm] 150
Panel Technology IPS
Brightness [cd/m²] 350
Contrast 1000:1
Resolution (optimum) 3840 x 2160
Order Code 40000989

Price on infomail _at_ nec-displays _dot_ com


8MP 31.5" Wide-Colour Gamut Display System for Primary Diagnostics of Medical Images

The NEC MD322C8-2 flat panel display is ideal for viewing colour and grayscale digital images for diagnosis by trained physicians. Applications include diagnostic image reporting in CT, MRI, Molecular Imaging, Ultrasound post processing and other types of medical imaging. Other important applications include digital pathology - with focus on virtual microscopy - when detailed imaging with high colour fidelity is required.

For advanced high resolution 3D rendering images, the MD322C8-2 is the perfect match. Imaging solutions based on standardised 8 MP image resolution support advanced medical teleconferencing. The unique built-in OPS Option Slot allows easy upgrade capability for supporting HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signal sources.


  • Stabilized image quality – A built-in backlight sensor regulates the luminance of the display for short and long term.
  • DICOM out of the box – The display is calibrated at the factory according to DICOM Part 14.
  • Clean work space – The built-in power supply unit helps keep your workspace clear by eliminating the need for an external AC adapter.
  • Advanced Productivity – A large size and high resolution 31.5" 8MP screen offers a remarkably wide work space
  • Anti-Glare – unique anti-glare coating layer in order to minimize disturbing ambient light reflections.
  • Eco friendly – Less energy consumption and mercury free with LED backlight system.
  • Flexible video configuration – Arrange your viewing area as a single 8MP canvas or use a variety of split-screen modes, with up to 4 signals shown simultaneously.
  • Easy maintenance – GammaCompMD QA software included with the display enables easy calibration, maintenance and quality assurance ensuring accurate performance over the entire lifetime of the display.

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