6MP Medical Certified Diagnostic Display

Size 30inch
Height Adjust [mm] 131
Panel Technology IPS
Brightness [cd/m²] 800
Contrast 1000:1
Resolution (optimum) 3280 x 2048
Order Code 40000822

Price on infomail _at_ nec-displays _dot_ com


The NEC MD302C6 flat panel display is ideal for viewing colour and grayscale digital images for diagnosis by trained physicians. Applications include diagnostics image reporting in radiography as well as CT, MRI and other medical imaging techniques.


  • Stabilized image quality – A built-in front sensor regulates the luminance of the display for short and long term.
  • Precise image – Special AR (Anti-Reflection) coating ensures crisp image reproduction.
  • Quick and convenient DICOM conformance test – Ad-Hoc DICOM conformance test can be performed on the display.
  • DICOM out of the box – The display is calibrated at the factory according to DICOM Part 14.
  • Clean work space – The built-in power supply unit helps keep your workspace clear by eliminating the need for an external AC adapter.
  • Eco friendly – Less energy consumption and mercury free with LED backlight system.
  • Advanced Productivity – A large size and high resolution 30" 6MP screen offers a remarkably wide work space
  • Flexible video configuration – Arrange your viewing area as a single 6MP canvas or dual 3MP display setup.
  • Easy maintenance – GammaCompMD QA software included with the display enables easy calibration, maintenance and quality assurance ensuring accurate performance over the entire lifetime of the display.

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