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Guiding customers to achieve the best hardware purchase @ Bolist

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Bolist guides customers to achieve the best hardware purchase

Bolist is a purchasing organization with 200 member stores under a joint brand, with shared marketing and storage facilities. To show the full range of products in all stores, Bolist created an in-store kiosk solution. The kiosk communicates the brand and shows the total range of products, not only the physical products on store shelves. A large attention screen in the kiosk shows short movies to encourage usage and a touch screen displays an adapted version of the Bolist web shop. The solution is installed in 193 Bolist stores around the country and is a much appreciated selling tool that has driven and increased the total sales.

The Challenge - The Bolist stores started marketing themselves together under the joint brand five years ago and at the same time gathered resources to streamline the product flow. They started a logistics centre and a central warehouse and adapted the range of products based on market demand. The central warehouse holds approximately 9000 products which makes the whole product range difficult to display in all stores, especially in small shops in city locations. Some product categories, such as timber, wallpapers and windows, simply can’t fit in a smaller shop and other products do not sell well enough to be permanently featured in-store. Bestsellers should be available to the customer in-store while items sold less frequently can be ordered. In this way, the retail space is being used efficiently.

The Results - Bolist conducts an annual survey of satisfaction amongst their members, i.e. the stores and shops, since they are a part of a voluntary membership organization. The survey results have shown a high level of satisfaction when it comes to the digital in-store solution. It has become a popular sales support tool and is often used by salesmen and customers together to get an overview of the product range.

The fact that the digital in-store kiosk is connected to each store and to the online web shop has allowed Bolist now to reach an entirely new group of customers and drive sales to new product categories. Today, customers go into city stores such as Wirströms hardware store on a crowded street in Stockholm and order windows and timber, something that did not happen before. Previously, only 10 stores sold wallpaper. Now all stores sell wallpaper, which of course is reflected in Bolist’s revenues.

The goal to increase revenues by 15% in 2015 was reached and in 2015 the number of visits to the digital store and web shop increased by 800%. Bolist also increased its revenues in the digital channels with 100% in May 2016 compared with the same period in 2015. In 2016, 20 new digital in-store kiosks have been installed.

For us, the installation of the digital store has been a very successful venture. It has been the foundation of our venture to streamline logistics, improve the customer offer and marketing in order to double Bolist’s turnover until 2018. And we are well on the way of getting there”, says Mischa Moszkowicz, Marketing Manager at Bolist.