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Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Platform provided by Screenly Pro

Operating Platform
Raspberry Pi (3 Model B and Compute Module 3)
Linux (Ubuntu Core)
License Model
Screenly Pro is available as a subscription service.

Tiny Hardware, Huge Impact
It doesn't take much to set up a new Screenly display. Take a TV, add a cost effective, tiny Raspberry Pi and display full HD quality moving imagery, web content and static images in moments.

Manage a Media Empire from Home
Whether you have a single screen in your store, or a thousand screens nationwide, manage them all within a single powerful web interface.

Set and Forget
Store your assets in the Screenly cloud for reliable long term storage. We take care of video encoding and local caching.

Automatic Updates
Ensure optimal uptime for your displays through automatic security updates and Screenly's central software management.

Monitor the Health of your Displays
Check up on the status of your display nodes in Screenly's web interface, including node uptime and connectivity status and what's currently showing.

Fast Setup
Roll out a new display in just 4 steps. We've solved all the tricky technical problems for you so that you can focus on getting the best content in front of your audience today.