Whether you use a Mac or PC, SpectraView is the only name you need to Know – a range of LCD displays combining the very highest standards of Japanese colour technology and panel expertise, tailored for the demanding creative professional and business conscious prepress printer.

Monitors featuring hardware calibration for perfect results in the digital workflow Predictable colours with any media.

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SpectraView Reference Series

Satisfy the most demanding colour critical applications with SpectraView Reference models.

SpectraViewReferenceLogo Dummy The NEC REFERENCE designation is awarded to our products and solutions which through their performance and benefits we consider to be the market benchmark for our customers. The logo is a tangible reminder of our high quality, performance-driven Japanese heritage, our focus on award-winning design flair and our passion for state-of-the art leadership in innovation.
  1. NEC is the benchmark in the colour critical market:
  2. Hardware calibration LUT
  3. Light protection hood included
  4. SpectraView Profiler Software included
  5. Homogeneity and pixel screening at NEC
  6. Wide colour gamut (>91% ADOBE RGB)
  7. 10-bit P-IPS technology

SpectraView Series

  1. NEC offers superb price/performance for colour ctitical applications:
  2. Hardware calibration LUT
  3. SpectraView Profiler Software included
  4. IPS technology
  5. Future proof and flexible connectivity

Calibration Sensors

External sensors offer many advantages and potential for superior performance and high degree of flexibility.

  • One external sensor can be used to serve several displays reducing unnecessary equipment purchasing costs.
  • Easy replacement, in case of age, fault or need for factory service adjustment
  • Can be applied to all areas of the screen to also measure uniformity
  • User can choose between a spectrometer or colorimeter as their sensor type, depending on how the display will be used
  • The sensor can also be easily used for other measurements, such as for paper or ambient light measurements


  1. The NEC SpectraView Profiler Software supports prominent brands of colorimeters and spectral photometer sensors:
  3. EyeOne Display, EyeOne Display Version 2, EyeOne Monitor and EyeOne Pro
  4. Monaco Optix XR
  5. X-Rite DTP94
  6. Spyder 2 and Spyder 3
  7. Konica Minolta Display Color Analyzer CA-210
  8. basICColor SQUID2