User Testimonials for 4K UHD Displays

SP-TeaserPic4KUHDUsers working in post production and colour critical workflows talk about EA244UHD and PA322UHD.

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Media & Broadcast - 4K Editing Workflow

SP-TeaserPic4KEditingWorkflowDemonstration of real time video editing and calibrating in a short video.

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"Pixel-Free" Viewing

SP-TeaserPicSVRef322UHDNew NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD - High-end professional 4K UHD monitor for colour applications.

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Fabian&Fred - Precise Colour Management

SP-TeaserDaewit…without compromise.
The animated film "DÄWIT" is brought to life on Reference Monitors from the SpectraView® Series by NEC Display Solutions.

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NEC Colour Management Displays - Overview

SP-TeaserPicSVOverviewWhatever your display needs are, NEC Display Solutions has the right product. Have a look at our product overview.

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Download Area

SP-TeaserPicSVDownloadArea Download here the latest SpectraView® Profiler Version.

Download here the dsRGB ICC profile for our colour accurate large format displays.

Studio Mac Mahon

SP-TeaserPicSVMacMahon NEC Display Solutions supplies Mac Mahon studio with SpectraView® Reference Displays.

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Guardian News & Media

SP-TeaserPicSVGuardian…looked to NEC’s SpectraView colour solution to overcome previous issues with uniformity to deliver consistent even colour across the monitor.

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