NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD

Colour Critical Viewing

The ideal display for all creative professionals, designers, photographers, videographers, broadcast engineers and anyone who cannot accept compromise on colour accuracy.


Colour Critical Reference performance with 10-bit IGZO technology IPS-type AdobeRGB, LED backlight 32" UHD Display delivers uncompromising image quality.

Uniting outstanding colour reproduction, class-leading ergonomics, latest DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI connectivity and 14-bit hardware calibration LUT makes it the ideal display for colour critical applications requiring absolute attention to detail. The ideal display for all creative professionals, designers, photographers, CAD-CAM, video-editing, broadcasting and anyone who cares about their visual work.

The NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD is a high-end professional performance LCD monitor using the latest 10-bit IGZO technology IPS-type LED backlit LCD for colour critical applications. Having many outstanding features and benefits, this monitor has been specially created to obtain simply the best picture quality, colour accuracy for critical applications requiring absolute attention to detail.

NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD

31.5" LCD monitor with 10-bit IPS-type IGZO LED panel, 3840 x 2160, 2 x DVI, DP, 4 x HDMI, PiP, OPS, DUC, 14-bit LUT, Color Calibration Software, Hood


Stunning "pixel-free" colour critical viewing - delivered by an Ultra High Definition (3840 x 2160) Professional LED backlit 10-bit IPS type LCD panel with IGZO technology.

Future Ready with Extension Slot based on OPS Form Factor – upgrade the capabilities of your display at any time without the need for external cables or devices.

True Colours - with a wide colour gamut (101 % size / 99 % coverage AdobeRGB) and hardware calibration with 14-bit LUT (look up table) for 42- bit colour control and gamma correction, irrespective of colour and input.

Facility to create and calibrate - thanks to the SpectraView® Profiler software, the SpectraView®certifier document and detachable black light protection hood including accessories.

Zero Defect Pixel Warranty - up to 6 months after date of purchase.

Ergonomic Office - full height adjustability (150 mm), swivel, tilt and pivot functionality ensures perfect individual ergonomic set-up.

Uncompromising Image Quality - full colour control thanks to 10-bit IPS type, Digital Uniformity Control, 14-bit hardware LUT, SpectraView Engine performance and SpectraView Profiler calibration control.