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Our company name underlines our leading position in the display market and our role as total display solutions company - NEC display solutions for more efficiency and individual productivity, for best return on investment (ROI) and investment protection.

Whatever your needs are, NEC Display Solutions has the right product. No other vendor today can offer such a comprehensive and solution oriented portfolio as NEC Display Solutions has today. NEC Display Solutions brings together experts in the industry and offers a single point of contact to provide total display solutions for a variety of vertical markets.

NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH

FactsImage DummyImage Foundation DummyImage Effective as of April 1, 2007, NEC Corporation, NEC Viewtechnology, Ltd. and NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. agreed to merge the display monitor business of NEC Display Solutions and the projector business of NEC Viewtechnology as well as the Plasma business into a new total display solutions company.
Headquarter NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Noboru Akagi

European Head Office

NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH

Landshuter Allee 12-14

D-80637 Munich

Business Area Full business responsibility for LCD and Projector products and solutions
President & CEO Bernd Eberhardt
Management Team
Senior Vice President Finance & General Support Peter Fruth
Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development Stefanie Corinth
Vice President Service, Quality & Technical Support Christof Böhm

Vice President Sales

Karsten E. Winther

Employees NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH ca. 220