2MP Medical-grade Large Format Display

Size 46inch
Haze Level [%] 44
Power Consumption [W] 120
Operating Hours 24/7
Panel Technology S-PVA
Brightness [cd/m²] 700
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Order Code 40000863

Price on infomail _at_ nec-displays _dot_ com


2 MP 46" Colour Display System for Review of Medical Images in Operating Rooms

The NEC MD462OR flat panel system is ideal for viewing of colour and grayscale medical images in operation rooms by trained physicians. Using the latest technologies in Full HD LCD panels and connectors/video signals management, and the highest standards for reliability and image quality, this product is the reference in the medical market.

CE-MDD declaration for this product is in accordance with the European Directive 93/42/ECC (Medical Device Directive). NEC MD series displays are registered as medical devices at DIMIDI and succeeded pre-qualification for the German X-ray ordinance acceptance tests according to DIN V6868-57.

Medical device registration plays an important role in complying with mandatory EU regulations on the medical vigilance system. In addition, product registration ensures you receive the best after-sales support and warranty condition. Please register your NEC medical device at .


  • DICOM out of the box – the display is calibrated at the factory according to DICOM Part 14
  • Easy cleaning – cabinet can be cleaned very easily at the front because of IP55 protection for dust and liquids.
  • Flexible configuration – many options available to fit the needs from an operation room: mobile cart, integrated PC, 3G-HD-SDI option.
  • Patient vicinity – the MD462OR is certified for usage in the patient vicinity (with equipment certified according to IEC 60601-1).
  • Eco friendly – less energy consumption and mercury free with LED backlight system.
  • "Clean" Setup – all options and cables are stored within the cabinet or mobile cart; can easily be moved using the mobile cart.

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