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SpectraView® Reference 242

Size 24inch
Height Adjust [mm] 150
Panel Technology AH-IPS
Brightness [cd/m²] 340
Contrast 1000:1
Resolution (optimum) 1920 x 1200
Response Time [ms] 8
Order Code 60003543


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SpectraView® Reference 242 SpectraView® Reference 242 SpectraView® Reference 242
SpectraView® Reference 242
SpectraView® Reference 242
SpectraView® Reference 242
SpectraView® Reference 242

Professional 24 inch Colour Display. The NEC SpectraView® Reference 242 is a high-end professional performance LCD monitor using latest 10-bit AH-IPS with GB-R LED backlight for colour critical applications with many features and benefits for obtaining best picture quality and colour accuracy, whilst maintaining attractive value for money.

  • Backlight Ageing Correction - brightness and white point.
  • Ergonomically Mastered - comfortable viewing with ErgoDesign® and TORO™ design.
  • Extraordinary Features - such as Digital Uniformity Control, Picture-in-Picture, USB Hub, 3D LUT colour space emulation, backlight ageing correction, DisplayPort.
  • Facility to create and calibrate - thanks to the SpectraView® Profiler software.
  • Consistent Colour Viewing - with 10-bit AH-IPS and GB-R Backlight 16:10 TFT display.
  • True Colours - with a wide colour gamut (108.6 % size / 99.3 % coverage AdobeRGB) and hardware calibration with 14-bit LUT (look up table) for 42-bit colour control and gamma correction, irrespective of colour and input.
  • Zero Defect Pixel Warranty - up to 6 months after date of purchase.
  • Complete peace of mind - with a comprehensive 5-Year Warranty.
  • Special Characteristics - Adjustable power LED (colour and brightness); Advanced NTAA; AmbiBright; Auto Black Level; AutoBright; Auto Brightness; Auto Contrast; Backlight Ageing Correction; CableComp with Sync Continuity Detection; DDC/CI compatible; Digital Uniformity Control (ColorComp); Direct Brightness and Contrast; EcoModes; GammaComp (14 bit Look Up Table) and 14 bit Gamma Correction; NaViSet Administrator 2; OmniColor™: sRGB and 6-Axis-Colour-Control; Overdrive; Picture-in-Picture Mode; Quick release Stand and Handle; RapidMotion; Rapid Response Technology; SpectraView® Profiler Software; Self Diagnostics; TileComp; TileMatrix; TORO™ Design; Windows 8 compatible; Annual energy consumption: 54 kWh (based on 4 operating hours per day); Carbon Footprint Meter / Carbon Savings Meter; Energy efficiency class: C