GammaCompMD QA

Hospital-wide quality assurance and consistent DICOM imaging for more confident diagnosis and review.

Optimised DICOM Quality Assurance -NEC’s comprehensive approach to medical quality assurance compliance has resulted in the GammaCompMD QA software. GammaCompMD QA gives healthcare and IT professionals all the tools needed to provide peace of mind and reduced life time costs over their whole display estate

GammaCompMD QA is licensed either as stand-alone or within a server configuration, covering varying quantities of networked workstations.

  • Technical display management and standard QA routines
  • Asset management
  • Advanced security
  • Automated DICOM calibration
  • Display matching
  • Alerts and notifications
  • QA reports
  • Network and remote administration


QAXRAY for IEC 62563-1, DIN V 6868-57 and future DIN 6868-157 QA conformance
Optional software module for NEC GammaComp Client software providing comprehensive quality assurance in conformance with the latest internationally recognised legal standards and guidelines.

  • Unified QA workflow with efficient documentation of all medical displays realising cost and time savings
  • Internet-server-based storage of documents and images with mutli-language support
  • Test images with data entry wizard
  • Simple organisation of reports and documents
  • Ready-to-print pdf reports

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