SpectraView Profiler


Calibration and profiling software package which allows precise and straightforward 14-bit (per RGB channel) calibration of brightness, white point and luminance and the creation of 16-bit ICC profiles for SpectraView® Displays.

With 16384 tonal values per colour, the Profiler enables an almost step-less and, in turn, considerably more precise gradation adjustment than is the case with conventional software calibration. The finest gradations and grayscales can be displayed with extraordinary precision and clarity. This ensures that the colours seen on the screen match the printer.

  • Hardware calibration via DDC/CI and USB (with SpectraView Profiler Ver 5.0)
  • L*-calibration (CIE-LAB L* colour space), alternative calibration with gamma 1.8 or 2.2 or user-specified gamma values, sRGB or CIECAM02 calibration
  • Creation of LUT-based 16-bit ICC and table profiles
  • Iterative calibration process
  • Manual white point and calibration curve editing
  • White and black luminance adjustment (or contrast range)
  • Profile validation for fast checking of calibration profiles
  • Evaluation of workplace ambient light and viewing conditions in accordance with ISO 3664 and 12646
  • Automatic hardware adjustment of JUST Normlicht lightbox by software
  • Chromatic adaptation
  •   Free download

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