NEC Display Solutions United Kingdom

Signage whatever Environment – Protection Glass Solutions

Why Protection Glass?

A high degree of robustness and reliability is pre-requisite whenever many people come into direct contact with a display. The high information content of Public Displays makes them natural points of attraction. NEC Display Solutions therefore offers its Public Displays in combination with a high quality protection glass. Thanks to extra-ordinary flexibility of the displays’ housings, it is quick and easy to install or re-tool onto an existing Public Display.

NEC Display Solutions’ Public Displays with their outstanding picture quality and excellent colour saturation truly allow visions to become reality. Brilliant advantages that are retained to their full, even when a safety anti-reflection protection glass with double-sided coatings is fitted.




  • Way finding
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Travel information

The NEC Advantage:

  • Guaranteed reliability due to its high degree of robustness
  • No reduction in picture quality
  • Quick and easy integration/re-tooling