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4K UHD Displays and Projectors

NEC’s Portfolio of Next Generation 4K UHD displays and projectors for the Ultimate Visual Experience

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Medical Quality Assurance promises best Patient Care

When people’s health is at stake the requirement for the best quality equipment possible is paramount in delivering a consistent and reliable diagnosis.

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IPS Technology for Desktop LCD Displays

Recent improvements in manufacturing and yield rate have meant that this desirable display technology is now available to more cost-sensitive, mainstream office-type monitors.

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Benefits of Laser Cinema Projectors

NEC’s Digital Cinema projector engineering team has developed the world’s first compact Digital Cinema projector based on a Laser Light Source – the NEC NC1100L.

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NSH lamps

Why are NSH lamps the better solution for compact Digital Cinema Projectors?

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Quick and Accurate Quality Assurance of Medical Displays by Quick Screen QA Test

The "Quick Screen QA Test" function assists the daily quality assurance of diagnostic displays through a quick, convenient and easy to use OSD (On Screen Display) menu system.

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