Upgrade your ShadowSense™ firmware.

It is as easy as this:

  1. Download the ShadowSense Dashboard Tool and firmware and install them on your ShadowSense device PC
  2. Open Dashboard Tool and click "Upgrade"
  3. Click "Open File" and open your applicable ShadowSense firmware installation file
  4. Click "Upgrade"

To upgrade your NEC ShadowSense devices you need the Dashboard Tool.  


Firmware Update for ShadowSense Touch Displays:

Supported Models:
E705 SST, E805 SST, E905 SST, C651Q SST, C751Q SST, C861Q SST, C981Q SST, P404 SST, P484 SST, P554 SST, P703 SST, P801 SST, X651UHD-2 SST, X841UHD-2 SST, X981UHD-2 SST 

Firmware Update for ShadowSense Modular Touch System (MTS)

Supported Models:
Modular Touch System 55" (MTS 55)