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3D Hub

3D-Hub provides software for the display of 3D ”virtual models“ that can be manipulated, animated, and disassembled interactively. 3D-Hub also offers a large and expanding library of such models optimized for classroom use. If desired, others may build their own 3D interactive teaching materials using the 3D-Hub authoring toolkit, available separately. The software and models work right away with standard 2D projectors and TVs. For even more impact, 3D-Hub fully supports stereoscopic 3D projectors and 3D TVs to truly captivate students and further increase their learning potential. Dummy OverviewLogo

The 3D Starter Kit contains a 3D video explaining the 3D-Hub interactive media player with some illustrative examples covering geography, biology, physics and technology. A license free demo version of the 3D-Hub interactive media player itself along with three modules covering the heart, the ear as well as the head are also part of the 3D Starter Kit package.

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3D Hub