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The VISENSO GmbH is a leading provider for interactive and immersive Virtual Reality in 3D-Stereo and real-time as well as cooperative working. They counsel customers of all industries and sectors in introduction and usage of 3D stereo applications and develop solutions for Visualization, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Their portfolio is divided into three divisions, immersive engineering, immersive selling and entertainment as well immersive teaching. Dummy OverviewLogo

The 3D Starter Kit contains a 3D video with a guided tour through the software portfolio of Visenso focussing specifically on their Cyber-Classroom solution which covers topics such as math, geometry, chemistry, physics and biology.

The Cyber-Classroom is an immersive and interactive learning-environment developed by VISENSO for the purpose of facilitating the knowledge transfer between teachers and students. Not only the transfer of complex, three-dimensional issues like e.g. the DNA's double helix in biology, the molecular structures in chemistry or conic sections in mathematics may be facilitated, but also the preparation of students for their following studies and careers respectively. Especially the interest in the classic MINT subjects (mathematics, informatics, natural science and technology) of students is to be roused, in order to countervail the shortage of skilled workers in Germany – a vision that can be realised by the use of VR modules such as the Cyber-Classroom.
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