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Type DLP
Supported Screen Size up to 9.5 meters (31 feet)
Resolution 2048 x 1080
Light Source Lamp, max. 0.7 kw
Order Code 60003356

Price on infomail _at_ nec-displays _dot_ com


The NC900C is the ideal Digital Cinema Projection solution for Cinemas with small screens or small projection booths that are looking for High Quality Cinema Projection at an affordable price, or for Art Houses, Mobile Cinemas, Cinemas in Universities and Public Buildings.The 2K DCI Compliant Cinema quality means an outstanding image that is bright enough to display on screens up to 9.5m* in DCI colour (*assuming 1.8:1 gain screen).

  • Bring Your Establishment Into The IT Age - easy distribution of movies and media, copyright and licensing management offered in all IT formats.
  • Enjoy a Lower TCO - easy lamp replacement, lower lamp cost and simple servicing; enjoy better quality imaging whilst experiencing an overall lower cost of ownership.
  • Immersive Cinema Experience - take your theatre to the next generation, stay ahead of the competition with new digital content such as HFR3D, an increasingly essential element of the latest movies and media.
  • Compact, lightweight and quiet - easy installation in small projection booths, easy transportation for mobile cinemas and perfectly suited for boothless cinemas.
  • Highly flexible - with no exhaust system required, the NC900C is suitable for floor and ceiling installation and versatile content playback.

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